What is an OEM, and why do they need custom cases?

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casedesign2For those readers not in the manufacturing realm of business, you may not know what OEM means. OEM is simply an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM makes the original product, or parts of those products, that is bought by a company and sold with that company’s logo branded on it, or under their specific brand name. In essence,an OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. See Wikipedia.

As a high-volume custom case designer and manufacturer, our salespeople here at Tetrafab serve OEMs on a regular basis. OEMs are the engineering geniuses that give us the technological gadgets and products that we just can’t live without. From laptops and smartphones to car parts, OEMs literally drive the American economy. Technically Tetrafab is considered to be an OEM as well, because we design and manufacture custom cases for all sorts of different companies, who then sell or use those cases under their own logo or name brand.



Every good product needs an applicable carrying case to protect, store, and enhance its functionality, and that’s where we come in. We design and manufacture high-
EVA casevolume, innovative custom cases with the highest levels of quality and maximum efficiency. Our cases, just like our customer’s products, fall in line with updated ROHS standards to ensure safety, sustainability, and reliability in every product we sell.

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