Tips for Blending Form and Function

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Form and function are integral parts of case design, with one being just as important as the other. For example, you can design a case that satisfies all the customers’ use and performance needs. But if they don’t like the way it looks, customers will most likely not buy it in the first place. This fact is why form and function must both be kept in mind in case design.

Although the concept is simple, blending form and function can be challenging in some case design projects. And some industries require functional components that are difficult to incorporate into a stylish design. Keep reading as we share valuable tips and an example of how to successfully blend form and function when designing a case.

Think Like an Illusionist

As a case designer, you should concentrate on swaying your customers’ attention from the mundane, functional parts to the more stylish aspects of the case. You can use colors, shapes, textures, lines, and accessories to draw attention to the areas of the case you want to highlight. Your design moves can be subtle or bold.

For example, your case may require a few unattractive nuts and bolts or clunky-looking wheels. You can divert attention away from them with stylish covers or display an eye-catching signature logo. Before you start your case design, you can even create a flow chart detailing how you intend to lead the viewer’s eye over the case.

Use These Insights from Fundamental Design Rules 

The following design insights can help you steer the viewer’s focus to particular sections of your case:

Case Study: Dunn Edwards Paints

This case study of a real-life design challenge presented by Dunn Edwards Paints is an example of effectively using some of the previously mentioned insights to create a well-balanced case design.

The Client: Dunn-Edwards

In business since 1925, Dunn-Edwards is a leading paint manufacturer in the Southwestern United States. This company offers the ENDURA Series of high-performance industrial paints and EXQUISITE interior matte paint with Ceramic Technology.

The Challenge

Dunn-Edwards hired Tetrafab to create a case that equally embodied visual appeal, functionality, and convenience. Plus, the cases would serve as a marketing tool for interior designers to showcase the color variations in their Perfect Palette© and Front Door collections. As such, the appearance and feel of the case were a major priority.

Along with a stylish flare,  Dunn-Edwards needed a case design with exceptional accessibility. Their interior designers must be able to effortlessly swap color swatches in and out of the case pockets while conversing with their clients. So, excellent accessibility to their color palettes is crucial to their performance.

The Solution

In every stage of the design process, our designers partnered with the client until the initial concept became a reality. We also established the solid functionality of the cases by choosing a thermal-formed  EVA case for the shell.

For the appearance and style aspects, our designers used some of the previously mentioned design insights to complete the task, including:

In the case’s interior, our designers included staggered foam pockets for the palettes, a fold-out sleeve, carbon fiber PU overlay for business cards/booklets, and elastic bands to provide easy access to the color palettes. In addition, they stitched the company name onto the top piece to reinforce brand recognition.

The Results

The case design project was successful, even exceeding the client’s expectations. Our design team’s creativity and resourcefulness produced a functional case that Dunn-Edward interior designers use to market their superior products to prospective clients while promoting brand recognition and the company’s impeccable style.

Ensuring Balance to Your Case Design

You can achieve a deliberate balance between form and function in your case design by using our design tips to control the attention of the viewer/customer. Plus, hiring Tetrafab as a design partner will not only result in a fantastic case design, but you can be confident that the most appropriate material and professional expertise will go into manufacturing your case. Visit Tetrafab for more details.

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