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Cutting-edge case design is a core focus of everything we do here. With over 30 years of expertise, we can design and manufacture the perfect carrying case for any application.

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We have our logistics and manufacturing down to a science so that our clients can rest easy. Quality, service, and innovative design drive everything that we do. Click here to see our process.

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Shawn Smith

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Steve Satow

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Since 1986, over 46 million bags delivered.

Tetrafab has a plan to create the perfect bag for your product or purpose. We've made literally millions of bags over the lifetime of our company. Every bag is unique, just like their purpose and the company we make them for. We understand how stressful it can be to design your custom bag and ensure that it is made with quality materials, to your exact specifications. Not to mention having to coordinate the development and manufacturing of your bags, all at a level of high quality and expertise. We're here to help you accomplish this, without the stress.

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We built our company on a deep commitment to customer service. If you email or call us, you are guaranteed to get a response within 24 hours during normal business days. Contact us today and get your project moving.