How to Design the Perfect Cases for Sporting Equipment

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Designing the ideal case for transporting sports equipment requires attention to detail and the consideration of many variables. 

Sports teams can travel cross-town, cross-state, or cross country. Some teams even travel internationally. Equipment bags and cases are often subjected to rough handling. They also need to be able to carry heavy or bulky equipment, as well as the various accessories that go with it. A case that isn’t designed to hold up to wear and tear or equipped to hold everything athletes need will wind up getting tossed to the sideline.

To help you successfully design the perfect cases, we’re breaking down the challenges, applications, and customizations involved in creating top-of-the-line sports equipment cases.

The Challenges Facing Athletic and Sport Equipment Cases

Sporting equipment is subjected to some unique situations. It is often exposed to dirt, dust, and even mud. Cases need to travel long distances by way of planes, trains, and automobiles. More than likely, they’ll frequently be exposed to rain, as well as excessive heat or even freezing temperatures. 

Through it all, cases need to protect the sporting equipment contained within. Some of this equipment is more fragile than the rest; all of it requires protection against jostling, juggling, and the elements.

In designing your custom sports equipment cases, you should strive to make your cases the best solution to the challenges your case will face. This includes holding up to daily wear and tear through several seasons of use. And not just hold up; you’ll also want to consider what your case will look like after getting jostled in a bus and jammed into a locker. How will it look when your sharply uniformed athletes take the field? While the overall style of your case might not be as important as protecting the equipment it holds, it’s still something to consider.

Working With Your Sports Equipment Case Design Partner

When choosing to make sporting equipment cases, turn to the professional Tetrafab design team. Using a three-dimensional environment, they will develop and finalize your case design and prepare it for a sample run.

Designing sports equipment cases comes with some unique challenges. However, with the help of a professional case manufacturer, you can successfully create a sports equipment case that suits all your needs.

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