Why Are Custom Medical Cases So Important

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Medical equipment requires the utmost care and attention in custom case design for two main primary reasons: the contents can be lifesaving, and they can be extremely expensive. 

There is a possibility that your medical case could carry multi-thousand dollar equipment that requires optimal protection to keep it in perfect working order. As a result, medical cases are often a vital part of a medical team’s equipment.

Types of Equipment that Require Medical Custom Cases

Custom medical cases can carry a wide variety of medical equipment, supplies, and related items. The contents could include delicate electronic equipment, including everything from wearable defibrillators to AEDs.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on medical devices in the U.S.; hospitals alone spend an average of $11.9 million on equipment and supplies each year. Protecting even a small portion of this equipment can help to reduce the need for repairs and replacements and ensure that patients have the devices that they need, in working order, when they need them.

The Benefits of Having the Right Custom Cases

Customizing your medical case provides the maximum protection and ensures that they are in working order when they are needed. This is particularly important in certain situations. For instance, when patients need to take home medical devices designed to be mobile, like an oxygen concentrator, they not only need that equipment to be protected from damage, so that it’s always in working order but also need a case that allows it to be easily portable and used while in the case. A suitable custom case will also ensure your medical equipment stays safe and promotes ease of use for patient users. 

Custom cases can also help protect key emergency devices, such as an AED designed to be used by a bystander in a public place or emergency devices that need to be easily accessible to EMTs.

How to Protect and Pad Equipment

Using standard cases or travel store luggage can be a risky solution for caring for delicate, expensive, patient devices and emergency equipment. A poor-fitting case can cause damage to its contents, as well as make it easier to lose important parts and components.

With so much at stake, it’s important to ensure your medical equipment gets the best in protection and portability by utilizing some or all the following features:

A custom medical case makes it easy to choose the features you need and provides added protection with netting, straps, anti-static interior foam, adjustable trays, and organization compartments. 

What You Need to Know About Designing Custom Cases for Carrying Medical Equipment

Despite the significant advantages of designing your own medical carrying cases, many companies avoid doing so out of a lack of understanding of the process. However, working with the right company can make the process a breeze, and ensure that your custom cases accommodate your customers’ needs and requests.

If you’re thinking about starting the process of designing your own custom medical cases, check out these valuable tips.

Extra Stability

In many situations, the biggest challenge in custom case design is finding a balance between stability and space. Deciding whether or not you’ll need to add a foam insert early in the process will allow you to leave room for it, without sacrificing the space you need for any equipment and supplies.

Choose the Style

Well-designed cases will enhance the perceived value of your product as well improving the customer experience when using your device.

For instance, the design of a case that holds an AED should accommodate all the necessary paraphernalia and make it more readily accessible in an emergency. The design of a patient device can help to make it more portable, which in turn can help give that patient back some of the freedom they may have lost as the result of an injury or illness.

During the development process with Tetrafab, you can also choose design elements details to make it wear better and more ergonomical.

Recording Accurate Dimensions

Taking precise measurements of the medical equipment and supplies is critical to designing your perfect medical carrying case. In addition, don’t forget to consider any padding and support your case will need.

Choosing a Top-Notch Carrying Case Manufacturer

Taking advantage of all the features available for your case design is a good reason to use an experienced custom case manufacturer and designer like Tetrafab Custom Cases. We have over 30 years of expertise in carrying case design and manufacturing. Your case design project will benefit from our design experts and prototype team.

Tetrafab designers can steer you to the appropriate material to protect the contents in your medical cases. We also use the latest 3D design technology to render the most accurate production design.

Creating Medical Carrying Cases Worthy of the Task

Medical cases are often required to carry expensive and delicate contents that demand the ultimate protection, portability and aesthetics. Since you will be the person who deploys these cases out into the field, your satisfaction concerning the cases design, development, and production of your medical carrying case weighs heavily on the outcome. If you have more questions about creating your own customized medical carrying case, contact Tetrafab Custom Cases today.

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