Meet Us in Las Vegas this June!

Tetrafab is your go-to quality bag manufacturer. We’d love to discuss the possibilities of a partnership with your brand. We will be attending the World Pickleball Convention this June in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let’s meet for dinner (on us!) and discuss what a custom bag for your branded pickleball equipment might look like.

World Pickleball Convention
June 6-9, 2024
Las Vegas, NV

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Bring Your Brand to Life with a Design like this!

backpack design blueprints

We Create Your Custom Case for Your Specific Need.

When we say custom, we mean custom. From design to manufacturing to delivery, every aspect of your bag is 100% tailor-made to your needs and your brand.

Tetrafab’s team of outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and artists love developing products intended to better the lives of participants and spectators alike. Off-the-shelf solutions often won’t make the cut. Projects in this space frequently allow Tetrafab designers to flex creativity and push the limits of innovation in material and hardware selection, dimensions, and feature complexities. With extensive experience, Tetrafab is well-equipped to outperform.

Meet Our Team

shawn smith headshot

Shawn Smith

VP of Business Development
812-258-0000 ext. 126 | 812-650-5606 Direct

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Steve Satow

Sales Manager
812-258-0000 ext. 145 | 812-803-2682 Direct

Collaboration for the Win.

Ideas, napkin sketches, and technical challenges are welcomed! We invite you to work with us by tapping into the resources of Tetrafab’s talented development team to efficiently bring your concept to market.

We have our logistics and manufacturing down to a science so that our clients can rest easy. Quality, service, and innovative design drive everything that we do.

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Our Business is About the Customer.

We built our company on a deep commitment to customer service. We want to create a custom-designed, handmade, quality bag for your pickleball brand. Let’s connect and see what our partnership would look like.

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