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Some products need to be able to travel from here to there without worrying about potential damage. No matter what industry you serve, portability has become a defining requirement for many products, devices and gear. From work to home to the beach to the pickleball court, being able to bring and protect our favorite and needed products and know that they will be safe and protected on the journey is essential.

In our Essential Guide to “Custom EVA Cases for Supply Chain Professionals,” you’ll discover the steps that go into finding the perfect case to fit your business needs. We even offer you a “Collaboration Checklist” so that you can be sure you’re asking the right questions when working with your chosen case manufacturer.

We have Our Design, Manufacturing and Delivery Process Down to a Science

Leveraging decades of customer feedback, Tetrafab is firmly positioned to support the demand for application-built, industry-specific cases, holsters, straps, covers, and more.

When you work with our team at Tetrafab, you can get a custom case specially designed to fit your product. It’s not simply a case that you’re able to squeeze your product into. It’s one made to exact proportions of your device. Off-the-shelf solutions often won’t make the cut. Projects in this space frequently allow Tetrafab designers to flex creativity and push the limits of innovation in material and hardware selection, dimensions, and feature complexities. With extensive experience, Tetrafab is well-equipped to outperform.

We Create Your Custom Case for Your Specific Need.

Collaboration for the Win

Through both our expertise and a dedication to collaboration, we deliver vital sewn accessories for businesses across various industries. Our sewn goods organize components and protect expensive technology and equipment. And we have our logistics and manufacturing down to a science so that our clients can rest easy. Quality, service, and innovative design drive everything that we do.

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